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She once believed in every story he had to tell. One day she stiffened took the other side.
Oh, she don’t want him
Oh, she won’t feed him.. after he’s flown away..
Oh into the sun..ah into the sun
Burn burn

leaving 11:38 am

You are my reason Both for leaving and returning And leaving

It’s raining! Last night on the balcony, i spoke of the wanting some real downpour of a rain instead of the drizzles we’ve had for weeks. And here it is! What a beautiful day. Woke up to the sound of dogs barking in the yard and checked downstairs. I thought it was still midnight but it was 4am already! Which has been my unachievable goal for weeks now! And, i went back to the treadmill and logged a kilometer. With a bit of postnasal drip coughing. But im getting better and gettin on track! Rain! How lovely of you to come! I will speak of more of you soon.

When you’re tired of racing And you find you never left the start Come on over baby Don’t let it break your heart -Coldplay Yeah. I never left the start. Feel so bad about this. Restarting review then. Today. Today. No more false starts.

Red stool

New train (3.28.12)

Been 3 weeks since I got the replaced iPad for the one that fell into the rushingfloodwaters in our home. Three months since that flood. I love number three. Also around 4 months since I left that dream residency. Perhaps when the time is ready I wI’ll write my heart out. Or when I’m ready. Today I got the review books I ordered online. When this week is over, I will hopefully get the ball rolling on this train. Oh yeah I got off the train months back, now am riding a new onOnen