Monthly Archives: October 2012

dear b,
i’m sorry for not taking your calll from a. The signal was really choppy, and I hope you didn’t take it as me pretending not to want to talk to you. I do find it interesting how you need A to call me first and you take the phone. (and if there was a question you wanted to ask, you always ask it through A, when you and I are sometimes both visibly online at the same time, you don’t ask it there.) i know you’ve asked A how i was & that A pretended not to know and A took me to task for keeping it from you. When the time is right B, i will call you up and ask you how you are and perhaps tell you that i missed you. I liked hearing your voice, but it’s too much right now and i cannot talk about what i’m doing.


Write you out

I only remember you at night. When i cant sleep. I remember the picture P took of us working together late at night. And i didnt notice how close you were. I should write you out already. I should. Perhaps i would be left with nothing to think about anymore.


Woke up at around 1am after i got a YM from old mentor. Said i just woke. Asked if i was studying, i said no. (Didn’t want to chat.) and i said sorry im getting back to sleep. But never went to it. Couldn’t. Checked other tumblr and twitter. Ha. Updates on fave actress. Ha. Local news. Still cannot sleep. So im studying now at 4am wearing my baylor hoodie. I thought of packing up my stuff but decided i might need some ironing which someone else can do for me. So i study. Ha.Which is what i should have done always. Wake up at 4am to study.