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September-October 2013

It has been a busy two months. I’ve barely had time to breathe in between, and not mentioning sleep. And irony of ironies, I’m taking time to write it all in, with processing right after. Compare this to more benign months when I had more time to write and ponder. So I’m gonna choose just a photo of each event, a summary.

Thanks to macair, my photos are better organised.



deleting tumblr swimmingon

old profile there (created Dec 2012 or Jan 2013):


this is a stream-of-thoughts thing. started this to keep track of this transitional stage of my life since writing things down on paper risks losing those thoughts in (a) flood waters (b) an earthquake (c)moving away (d) all of the above. best answer: (D) in 3 years [focus.kick.pull.breathe.calm.breathe]