Feb 4 2013

God is good. For beyond the darkness, He gives us light. Beyond our nightmares, He gives us dreams. Beyond our tears, He gives us comfort. So with this new day that He has provided, let us thank Him even if our plans failed and our expectations not reached. For beyond these things is God’s embrace saying:”My child, the path I have laid for you is just beyond the corner. Take my hand and just have faith..” Gd am. Read ur email. I feel bad 4 u bt i know dat God s stil n control n stl wants d best 4 u. Now i cn also tell u wat iv bn keepng fr u. I didnt apply 4 Ph.D. or Dr.P.H. n d US bt wil apply for PhD n Education (major n Psychology n Guidance) @ ____. Every1 excpt my family and friends, supports my decisn. If mother were alive, im sure dat she wd also support my decisn. My nurse friend told me dat it s NOT d ryt time 2 b n d __ for now coz f d recessn der. We don’t knw yet y dat happend 2 u bt pls trust n His wisdom. God loves n cares 4 u. Did u knw d results last, last wkend wen i ws in BC? Hugs 2 u ! Love u !
TY. I think i knew after d 17th. Y? Am @ my lowest since 2009. I am fully aware of the trends, & odds. Wc is y my brain says give up. But my irrational heart says NOT YET. 
 Pls DONT GIVE UP on ur dream !

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