undertow || parallel

compartmentalize, that’s what i do. so i created this tumblr blog, for my usmle adventure. mostly, i’ll be “following”  people on the same journey. i’ve mulled over doing a prep journal on the many fora available but that rather limits the people i can follow and no opportunity to post the occassionaly usmle-induced stress content that may be inspiring or profound. plus, you can’t post photos or music or vids there (though i’ve never did!). i also like the tags here. 

as for my other blogs, i will maintain that reblogging-fan account made during my most intense usmle prep-that after my exam suddenly didn’t interest me anymore. talk about stress. i think that will die a natural death. there’s also the 2nd account for my general thoughts which might possibly merge with this one here. i’ve decided to just make this 3rd account, because i actually forgot that i had this account until i logged in with the wrong email. which actually turned out to be a happy accident since my usmle twitter is also coeurtex. so i guess these are the pretty compartments for me now. at some point, these parallel worlds will merge, i dont know. but i do hope so. 

today is january 16, 2013. 10.30am

i am prepping for my usmle step 2 ck. also waiting for the date of my interview for my new position at the hospital. also waiting for the results of the first exam. i appear calm, everyone says.

this blog is the undertow. 

[parallels with twitter]

(note: my blogs have been inspired Hugh Jackman’s “Dear 17 yo Me” letter (i read around 2010) wherein he wrote that you make a list of things you love and things you’re good at. continue making that one list until the day they will match. not a big fan, but his speech at the 2013 golden globes made him admirable). 


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