One thing. Identity. After trauma.

Trauma. It changes everything. After the moment of impact, nothing is ever the same. You reshape around the pain but you’re never the same. But maybe that’s ok—that things shift. Maybe they needed to shift. Because we can get stuck in one spot. This “one thing”, one identity. But, we’re not one thing. We’re never one thing, not to ourselves, not to each other.
And, you’re the only intern not writing! Remember this is your Super Bowl (whispering).

—Emily Owens MD, thinking right before her in-service exam.
Episode 1×8 “Emily..the Car and the Cards”

—why is she taking the internal medicine exam when she’s a surgical intern? Isn’t it supposed to be ABSITE?
—This was a good episode on a trauma patient, fairly predictable and good to see Dr Bandari leading through all three shifts of surgical teams until the end. Noticed though that Will/Dr Collins is again “defying” Dr Bandari when she orders him to rotate out, this seems to be the third time that he’s having problems with authority. Prior events were Will pre-emptively treating a patient for C. diff without test results and got reprimanded by Dr Micah Barnes. Another was when he refused to continue assisting Dr Bandari in the TV replacement of the rapist-patient when he felt that another patient that everyone liked “deserved” Dr Bandari’s help more. huhu Will, gotta watch that attitude. More later.

– It’s eerily familiar that Emily Owens based her whole identity on her being smarter—performing well on her SATs (her super bowl) and getting Will as her friend because he wanted to study with her during med school. She seemed to function on that identity alone even in relationships. This was mirrored by her patients: the model who didn’t want her jaw surgery to remove the osteosarcoma that would threaten her “I’m pretty” identity and the 17yo girl “straight A” whose boyfriend took the blame for possessing weed when she feared her parents would be angry with her.


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